American Academy of Family Practice A website that has a wealth of patient information regarding illness and preventative health.
 WebMD Patient friendly medical advice.
 Direct labs A site where you can order any lab test for yourself without a prescription for a fraction of the cost. Cash or credit card payment is required ahead of time and is not billable to your insurance. Reduces the cost of most generics and brand names often below what you would pay with your insurance coverage.
 American Academy of Pediatrics parent information site. A useful site. However, information is restricted to pediatrics.
 National Institute of Health Very useful for medication identification, use and side effects.
 The Center for Disease Control. The government's advice on infectious disease. The travelers section is a must to consult prior to leaving the United States.
 National Library of Medicine. Excellent site for medical research. Technical.
 The New England Journal of Medicine. Written for those in the health field. Often the first place new information is published.
 The Lancet The British Medical Journal written for physicians.

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